Going The Distance

How far is too far for love?  At what point do you tell your heart, “No, I don’t want unconditional, life-altering love so badly that I’m willing to go weeks or months without seeing him/her.  That’s just asking too much.”?  The question begs the answer; if distance is really a deal-breaker then you’re probably not in love, or ready for it.

Maybe I have a skewed sense of what being in love means.  Maybe I’m glorifying the Hollywood romance ideal.  I can’t help but feel like true love is worth fighting for, though.  That’s why everyone makes such a big deal out of it, right?  It’s the inspiration for almost every song ever made, countless wars, master works of art, some of the most famous literature in history and (for most of us) our very existence (I’m looking at you, Mom & Dad).  True love is this incredible, untamed force of willpower.  True love is daunted by a few miles or a difference in time zones…right?

Well, I’m about to find out.

I met my sweetheart on Twitter, of all places, about seven months ago.  In that time we have grown from acquaintances, to friends, to confidantes, to star-crossed lovers (if only in the emotional sense).  He lives over 1,000 miles, one great ocean and seven time zones away from me.  He is from a different culture.  He is from a different world view.  On paper, our infatuation with each other makes no sense.  We shouldn’t find each other attractive.  We have, virtually, nothing in common.  But here I sit, on a red-eye flight to Europe to meet my boyfriend for the very first time.

It’s easy to say, “I won’t regret this, even if it doesn’t work out,” when I’m taking a vacation in Europe.  But, in reality, if this doesn’t work out and I get murdered; this was a huge mistake.  On the other hand, if he and I don’t work out simply because we’re not right for each other then I don’t think I could regret trying.  My sweetheart has been worth the wait.  Worth the late night and early morning skype sessions.  Worth the higher phone bill for international texting.  Because I thought I was in love.  And love is worth the work.


My name is Chelsey Mick, and love is worth the passport fee.