A person unwilling to re-evaluate their faith has always seemed shallow and ignorant to me.  I mean, if you’re really so secure in what you believe then what’s the harm in testing your beliefs?  Or educating yourself on someone else’s?  You’re lack of interest in acknowledging other options makes me uneasy.  Why so stuck up?  Why so guarded?  Afraid a good argument will leave your carefully built belief-system in ruins?  Is your faith really that weak?

The people closest to me are all deep-thinkers.  We’re a group a highly intelligent intellectuals.  We go out of our way to ask each other the hard questions and we expect honest answers.  So discussions about religion and politics happen…every day.  We analyze and over analyze and make an effort to understand as many positions as possible.

I take great pride in my knowledge.  Too much, most of the time.  I also look down on people who refuse to educate themselves further, whether in a formal setting (college) or at home (you know, with a book or something).  So it’s not surprising that I’d be a bitch about ignorance.  It’s the anti-thesis to my entire existence.  It’s not just ignorant believers I despise, it’s ignorant atheists, evolutionists, Mormons, Catholics, Hindus, Muslims; you name it, I hate it.  I can’t stand anyone who says they believe in something that they don’t understand.  How pathetic!  All you’re really doing is propagating more ignorance and promoting the horribly negative stereotypes that already exist about your faith.

So you’ve come to your conclusions and made your decisions and know where you stand in your relation to a god or an afterlife or the existence of the universe.  Good for you.  But it shouldn’t stop there.  You’re surrounded by an Earth full of people who disagree with your ideals.  You aren’t obligated to find out why, but it might make you a bit less apathetic.  Something to think about, folks.

I’m not asking you to change your faiths or lack thereof.  I’m just asking you to help cure the most harmful disease known to man’s psyche: ignorance. Re-evaluate your belief system, if only in an attempt to understand someone else’s.  At worst, you change your ideology.  At best, your original ideologies become stronger.

ignorance1My name is Chelsey Mick, and this is how we have enough knowledge to know that we’re still ignorant.