The Emasculation Concept

It strikes me as odd that people think strip clubs are degrading to women.  I mean, I can’t say I entirely disagree with them because I would feel incredibly degraded if I participated in it, but I think, more than anything else, strip clubs emasculate men.

A man watching an erotic dancer

Think about it: in a world that had banned strip clubs we would be forcing any male desiring access to one to pay more and risk more (as they would become black market items).  How many men do you know would be willing to go to jail just for paying a drug-abusing mother of two to writhe up and down a metal pole on a dimly lit stage for an annoying 3 minute song?  Not many, on my end.  I don’t think there are many men willing to pay 3 or 4 times what they currently pay to see the same quality of women, or lower, perform the same tasks (maybe even to a lesser skill level).  It just isn’t worth it.


The only reason men enter a strip club is because they can.  Were strip clubs illegal, do you really think that many men would go out of their way to visit one in the criminal underground?  Nope.  So, what we, as a society, are saying is that men wouldn’t need strip clubs if we didn’t provide them.  They would go on about their merry ways.  They wouldn’t blow precious time and money on something that is entirely unnecessary for their existence or general happiness.  Strip clubs strip men of those last, special remnants of masculinity by preying on a weakness and exploiting it in the naked female form.

FAT CITYFeminists complain about the ‘rape culture’ as though it only affects women.  Need I remind them that the number 1 unreported crime in the United States is the rape of a man?  Need I point out that the rape culture affects men in much the same ways it affects women?  Men need our defense just as much as women do.  We’re talking about humanity here, not just gender equality.


My name is Chelsey Mick, and this is how we stop emasculating men.