How to hate yourself after your 20s.

I see a common theme on popular 20-something websites.  We’re encouraged to “be yourself”, try new things, travel, have more sex, and embrace adventure.  To summarize basically every website I’ve visited, do shit.  Do all the shit.  Do the shit in the morning and at night and with people or alone or in the States or a thousand miles away.  Do the shit your parents warned you not to do, and then do the shit your parents encouraged you to do.  Do the shit on your Bucket List, and then do the shit you were too scared to write on your Bucket List.  Our 20s are supposed to be filled with a whole bunch of doing.  And, subsequently, a whole lot of shit.


It’s okay, though, according to pop culture and social media.  It’s okay to do the crazy or whimsical or dangerous or stupid.  It’s okay because we’re in our 20s and that’s what our 20s are for!


Except that’s so shallow.  And just so, entirely, small minded.  I don’t care what your favorite website says (I’m looking at you, Chive readers, and Elite Daily readers, and Total Frat Move/Total Sorority Move readers, and all the other readers absorbing the pollution distributed by similar ideologies with fragile minds and ignorant hearts), your 20s aren’t all you have.  Let me say that again, your 20s aren’t all you have.


You have your 30s, and your 40s, and your 50s, and you can count to 100, I know you can.  You have a whole lifetime that you can dedicate to doing what you love and traveling and adventure and pursuing your dreams and having great sex.  That behavior doesn’t have to stop when you turn 30.  That behavior doesn’t have to end when you’re married, or when you have kids, either.  Those dreams don’t have to die when you have a successful career, or when you’ve finally bought a house.
DSC_0075This idea that your 20s is the only window you have to lead an exciting life full of all the things you’ll never get to experience again is an absolute lie.  Don’t believe the hype.  Your 20s are great, but they’re just a stepping stone to bigger adventures, and broader traveling, and crazier dreams and way, way better sex.

My name is Chelsey Mick, and this is how we live (really live) for our whole lives, and not just a few years.