Crap Posts From Social Media, Vol. 1

Scrolling though my Facebook feed today and I came across this little beauty:


Riiiiiiiiiiight, because only these two people in the entire history of the world have ever desired a focus on the community instead of the individual. Because these quotes weren’t taken entirely out of context in an effort to demonize someone who, while she may have differing opinions from your own, is not necessarily wrong.


“One man’s terrorist is another man’s freedom fighter.” Hitler, for example. Had Hitler won his conquest of the world, you and I would not know him as a terrible and evil man. Instead we would know him as a hero to be sung of for generations. A role model for our children; a freedom fighter. Lucky for the world, the “good” team won and established order once again. Thus, Hitler is a miserable mark on humanity’s history; a terrorist.

Comparatively, Hillary Clinton is a politician with whom many people disagree. Were she to do some great act of policy, however, our history books might reflect what a great and fair leader she was. A freedom fighter, instead of a terrorist.

This blasphemous picture is absolute shit. It’s an embarrassment to Americans to have a politician, whether you agree with her or not, be compared so closely to Adolf Hitler. Much less have her compared based on a single quote taken out of context. You dislike Hillary Clinton’s ideals? Good job; you can think for yourself. Sort of. Comparing Hillary to Hitler is an outrageous and bitter example of how little you respect the horrendous occurrences of the second World War. Show this to a Jew and tell me how much it makes them giggle. “Totally accurate,” is the response I’m so sure you’ll get.


Hillary Clinton has expressed a single ideal in this quote, one shared by many, many people the world over. You aren’t required to share the ideal or even like it. Unfortunately for you, politics is a matter of opinion. Opinions are these fun little ideas we get to cultivate for ourselves that are neither right nor wrong in nature. You are entitled to an opinion because you have a brain. You are not correct in your opinion simply because you disagree with someone else’s opinion.


A little more courage on your part might make your opinion of Mrs. Clinton’s standards seem more acceptable. At least Hillary’s not afraid to share what she thinks on an international platform, at the risk of harassment and threats from people around the world, and her own countrymen. I guess it’s easy to be a whiny, bitter, misinformed, semantically challenged, ignorant asshole when you’re doing it from the safety of a keyboard (I should know).


My name is Chelsey Mick, and this is how we don’t like terrorists or stupid social media posts or insensitive swine and Hillary isn’t Hitler. Idiot.